The “Old Well Apartments” are located in Lika-Senj County village of Donji Vaganac. On the outskirts of the Plitvice Lakes national park, which UNESCO established in 1979 as a world cultural heritage and is located only 18km from your accommodation. The Old Well apartments have been named after the historic old well, dating back to the 19th century, and restored in 2015. The Old Well's personality is expressed in a peaceful countryside, enchanting greenery and other natural beauties and riches, which is an ideal opportunity for quality vacation and escape from everyday city life. Our accommodation facility started operating in June 2015. And has three apartments capacity:

  • Donji Vaganac 24/2, 53233 Gornji Vaganac, Hrvatska
  • +385 (0)91 731 4136
  • apartments.theoldwell@gmail.com